New Year, New Career

For a lot of people, a New Year means finding a new career that makes them more money and a career that is more fulfilling. A lot of us that have worked at our jobs for so long tend to forget how to dress for an interview. Especially if our current work environment is casual or a work uniform is provided.  I am here to help you out with that. Believe it or not, your future employer is looking at not only your resume but your appearance as well. Make sure you make the best first impression; after all, you only get one chance.

What not to wear

·         Tops that have a plunging neckline, tank tops, and backless tops are not for the work environment. Instead, opt for tops that have either ¾ sleeves or a long sleeve dress shirt. Going sleeveless is a personal choice; however, make sure that your undergarment straps are not showing.

·         Bodycon style dresses, miniskirts, and skin tight skirts. A great rule of thumb is that if you can wear it to the club then you probably shouldn’t wear it to work. You can also follow the fingertip guideline. Your skirt should reach your fingertips or longer.

·         Wearing shorts of any kind is definitely not appropriate.

·         Save your workout attire for the gym. Wearing sweat pants, jogging suits, hoodies, yoga pants, and baseball caps should not be worn, period.

·         Do not wear flip flops, and if you have to wear a peep-toe shoe make sure your toenails are trimmed and polished.

·         Do not wear ripped, torn, or frayed clothing. Also, make sure you stay away from shirts with obscene language.

·         Distracting jewelry. Keep it simple.

Personal hygiene/grooming

·         Make sure your hair is clean, neat and styled in a way that is not too distracting. Also stay away from loud colors, like blue, green, red and purple, etc.

·         Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and free of stains.

·         Make sure your fingernails are clean. If you cannot afford to go to the nail salon, go to your local dollar store and get a nail kit and do your nails yourself.

·         Stay away from loud distracting fingernail polish and extremely long nails, with rhinestones and other distracting designs. Again, you want the focus to be on you and how you can be an asset to the company, not your wacky nail design.

·         If you have facial piercings take them out.

·         If you have any visible tattoos, cover them. Do not let obscene tattoos be the reason you do not get the job. Most tattoos are personal and have a unique meaning to the individuals that have them, you do not want your tattoos to be a conversation piece or distract the interviewing panel from the task at hand. You getting a job!


Interview preparation

·         Make sure you actually take the time to research the company you are applying to.

·         Ask the interviewer follow up questions about the company, job duties, etc. ex: “What are you looking for in your ideal candidate for this position?” or “can you describe to me what a typical work day would look like for this particular position?” You can also research other questions to ask a potential employer online.

·         Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the actual interview.


Good luck to you all on your future endeavors. Cheers to the New Year!