Weekend Meal Prep Motivation

Hey, guys! I know it’s the weekend and we usually want to lounge around on the couch, binge watching our favorite shows and snacking but don’t do it! I know it’s so hard to stay on track with our workouts and meal prep. But you don’t want all of the hard work you’re putting in during the week to go to waste by eating junk food all weekend. I used to be extremely guilty of doing this myself then wondered why I was having a hard time losing those stubborn pounds.  What you eat matters! Even on the weekends.  Have you ever heard of the term “abs are made in the kitchen?” well it’s so true.  If you’re thinking about grabbing that slice of pizza, eating that ice cream, or slice of cake…do not do it! I’m telling you now you will pay for it on Monday in the gym. It’s not worth it. You will feel sluggish and more than likely have a serious cramp after your workout. I know it is extremely hard to stay on course especially if you’re going to be hanging out shopping all day, taking kids to sporting activities, birthday parties, etc. but you have to prepare, prepare, prepare. You need to be prepared before you leave the house for the day. I know it may be hard but think long term instead of short term. You want to reach your fitness goals, right? Well, you have to do whatever it takes to reach them even if it means meal prepping on Friday evening while everyone else is out enjoying happy hour (you can join them afterward). I personally prefer to meal prep on Sunday afternoons, but pick a day that is convenient for you. 

As for me, here’s what I do. I am currently on a fourteen-day strict diet, then one cheat meal (because a cheat day will turn into cheat days for me) so my trainer has me on a pretty strict program right now. Then I’ll graduate to having a cheat meal every two to three months ONLY.

Below, is how I stay on track with my program while I am on the go Friday- Sunday.

1.)    I meal prep every single Sunday. I purchased these BPA Portion Control Containers to help keep everything I prepare on Sunday easy to access during the week.

2.)    I purchased a  Meal Prep Bag from Amazon. I know, I know. It’s not very fashionable, but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do, girl. They also sale meal prep bags here and here.

3.)    On the weekends I make sure I surround myself with friends that understand the commitment that I made to live a healthy lifestyle. In the past, some people were negative and not as understanding about why I had to carry my food everywhere I went and if I did decide to eat out at a restaurant and chose something healthy instead of junk food I was teased about it. Some called it “excessive” “dumb” or a “boring lifestyle” but you have to stick to the course and develop thick skin or hang around people that have a similar lifestyle. I’m not saying to completely give up hanging out with your friends, but be mindful of the energy that is around you. (positive vibes only)

4.)    I personally prefer to work out Saturday mornings, it’s hard to get out of bed at times, but once I do, I love looking at all of the other dedicated people on their fitness journeys while I’m doing my 3-mile run. Town Lake here in Austin is my favorite place to be on a Saturday and Sunday morning.  So find what exercise you enjoy doing on a Saturday morning instead of sleeping in. If you lay around all day then you will be more than likely to snack all day too, so make sure you get up and get moving. 

5.)    Stop the mindless munching in front of the television. *sigh* this was really hard for me but I had to stop it. I used to love eating a big bowl of butter popcorn and drinking a Big Red soda while watching The Walking Dead Sunday nights, but I had to give that up and opt for a protein shake instead, and if I just have to have something to eat I make kale chips or one small red apple and a hand full of almonds.

I hope these 5 tips are helpful to you guys.  You will have weekends where it will be almost impossible to meal prep, and that’s ok. Just try to do the best you can and more importantly do not ever give up! 

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