10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout

The majority of us made NYE resolutions at the beginning of the year and most of our resolutions were to get into shape by buying gym memberships and personal trainers. Well, It’s been a few weeks since the 1st of January, how are you guys doing with your fitness goals? I’m sure a lot of us probably meal prepped only to end up at the drive-thru ordering fast food instead of eating healthy. *sigh* I know the struggle is real right now but keep going; do not lose your momentum. Do not let one cheat meal turn into several. And if you skip the gym one day, make sure you put forth the effort and go the rest of the week. All too often we give up and completely and throw in the towel when we have a few bad days and that is how we end up making the same NYE resolution year after year because we give up and wait until a whole new year to start fresh again.

 I am going to share my tips with you on how I stay motivated with my fitness goals. I believe that if you set obtainable goals and not lose sight of your initial goals when roadblocks occur, that you can reach your weight loss goals.  Below are some of the ways I stay motivated and focused.

1.)    I went to my local dollar tree and purchased a composition notebook.  Next, I went online, googled all of the fit women that I admired and printed out pictures of them and glued them into my notebook. I also went to Half Priced Books and bought some old magazines cut out some motivational text and pics of toned women. I look at this book every morning before I start my day and at night before bed to remind myself of my goals. 

2.)  I posted an old picture of myself on my bathroom mirror to remind myself daily of how I was once in shape and if I did it before then I can do it again.

 3.) I follow fitness gurus on my social media accounts to help me stay motivated. I watch Kevin Hart's Snapchat every morning to see what workouts he and his trainer are doing as well as for his pep talks. 

 4.) I hang around like minded individuals that will encourage me by helping me stay motivated. Energy is contagious. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people.

 5.) I downloaded music from iTunes to keep me energized during my workouts. Good music always gets me through those tough workouts.

 6.) With me being a huge Game of Thrones fan, the episode “The Battle of The Bastards” gets me hyped before the gym. Why? Because of Jon Snow that’s why. Lol! I love to see an underdog win. I also love watching G.I. Jane too, especially when she was struggling to do push-ups and pull-ups but then started beasting them, she even did her push-ups with one arm behind her back. 

7.) I put one of my favorite old dresses or a pair of jeans that I can no longer fit in plain view to where I can view them daily to gain inspiration to be able to get to the size I was once before.

 8.)  I can’t stand the elliptical, bike machine, treadmill, stair stepper, etc. I refuse to get on those machines; I personally love to be outdoors doing cardio surrounded by a beautiful lake breathing fresh air. Find cardio exercises that you actually enjoy that way you will stick with it.

 9.) I buy myself cute gym clothes. Since the gym or the trail are the only places I can wear my biker shorts, moisture wicking shirts, and spandex tights to...I have no choice but to go workout. 

 10.) I have a workout buddy. We hold each other accountable for our fitness goals and motivate each other while we are in the gym and on those days where McDonald’s and Mr. Gatti’s Pizza are calling our names. 

These are just a few tips that help me stay focused on my goals. What are some of yours?